Bus Facilities

Delhi Public School Kolar Road, Bhopal has an excellent fleet of buses covering the entire city of Bhopal with stops at regular intervals for picking up students and teachers. The school runs brand new buses as per the norms lay down by the RTO department and is spacious with a capacity to accommodate 50 students per bus. Every bus has a teacher to ensure proper discipline and safety of the students. The school bus drivers are responsible to drop the children at their respective stops within an hour of the school getting over. For ensuring additional safety of our students and to avoid rush driving the school has installed speed governors in the buses with speed limit set at 40kms/hr. The school will also try to process installing navigation system in the buses which will help parents to know the exact location of the bus at any given time.

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Safety Measures :-

At DPS Kolar we....
Seek Safety,
Aim Safety,
Follow Safety,
Ensure Safety,
Teach Safety,
Yield Safety

  • Buses are not over-crowded and students are comfortably seated.
  • Lady Guards cover the entire bus routes.
  • Most buses are used and covered by the Teaching staff also.
  • Drivers and conductors of the buses are well trained and counselled to take care of students.
  • All the buses are equipped with CCTV camera and a GPS App to enable parents to get messages on the registered mobile numbers.
  • All the buses are equipped with speed governors, fire extinguishers and First Aid boxes.
  • A 'Bus Operation Report' is generated which is submitted to the authorities on a daily basis.
  • Bus fitness certificates are pasted inside the buses.
  • Police verification of all the IV Class Employees is done.
  • A separate Washroom and drinking water facility has been provided to them outside the campus.
  • CCTV Cameras at key points in the campus ensures proper monitoring.
  • Workshops are conducted on regular basis to ensure the physical and mental well being of the support staff especially Drivers and Conductors in the school.
  • A sensitization drive to acquaint all the Staff Members for 'POCSO Act' (Protection of Children Against Sexual Offence) has also been conducted in the School premises.