upcoming events

Upcoming activities for Dec 2019
Date Event Classes
6 Dec Making Christmas Tree Activity I
9 Dec Kavita Lekhan VI to VIII
Tennis (Boys & Girls) IX to XII
French Poetry Recitation IV & V
10 Dec Basket Ball competition (Boys and Girls) VI to VIII
11 Dec Spin a Story Yarn Competition I
13 Dec My Surprise Box I
16 Dec Badminton Competition VI to VIII
17 Dec French Skit Competition IX to XII
18 Dec English Handwriting III
20 Dec Money Fiesta I
23 Dec E-Invite VI to VIII
24 Dec Singing Competition(Group/ Solo) IV to V
Dance Competiton( Group) IX to XI
24 Dec Christmas Tree Making Activity II
24 Dec

Rock  N Roll (Christmas Assembly)

I and II