upcoming events

Upcoming activities for March and April 2019
Date Event Classes/ Department/ House
26 March Katha Vachan IV & V
Swimming Competition VI to VIII
  Inter Section Skating III
IV & V
30 March Open House IV and V
8 Jan Swimming Competition VI to VIII
2 April Cricket VI to VIII
Spellathon IV &V
6 April Open House I to III
9 April Football VI to IX
Dance Competition(Group/Solo) IV & V
10 April Picture Colouring III
16 April Mathematical Graffiti VI to VIII
Sanskrit Nibandh Lekhan IX to XII
18 April World Heritage Day Spl. Assembly
Cultural Fiesta IV & V
Heritage Quiz IX to XI
22 April Art Installation IX to XII
23 April Athletics IV & V
24 April Spellathon III
26 April Group/Solo Dance VI to VIII
29 April
To be Celebrated on 26 April
International Dance Day Spl. Assembly
27 April Open House for classes VI TO XI