Evaluation at DPS Kolar Road, Bhopal is a continuous & comprehensive process and it is aimed at the identification of the academic problems, followed by solutions. The Foundation Level and Preparatory Level follow the pattern of continuous evaluation which focuses more on grades, outwitting the pressure of marks.  With no provision for formal tests or examinations, the primary thrust is on Weekly assignments and oral tests.  

DPS follows the Weekly Test system, which is held on Tuesdays from Class III upwards, whereas the primary section does not have any formal evaluation. The toddlers are introduced to more formal schooling from class III when they are exposed to paper and pen tests which are conducted throughout the year and the scores are cumulatively assessed. The end of each semester is marked by formal exams, starting from class IV.

The senior years of primary school, transform these young children into academically conscious students who have a term system and are promoted on combined scores of all tests and assignments. The Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary segments, from class VI to XII follow the line of action laid down by CBSE in accordance with NCERT.

Carefully designed assignments are distributed on a regular basis to reinforce the concepts and assess their understanding. After evaluation and analysis, these are preserved by students as records for reference. A comprehensive system has been devised to trace the performance of each student over the years of his stay at school, which enables the school and the parents to keep a track of the child’s progress.

“In an effective classroom students should not only know what they are doing they should also know why and how”

Delhi Public School, Bhopal has been relentlessly striving towards the cherished goal of ‘Laying the Foundation of Excellence’, the focal attention being the harnessing of innate abilities of every student, leading to his her holistic development. Our Educational Philosophy revolves around 3 Es i.e. Experiment Exploration and Experience which eventually lead to excellence. We believe in undertaking such scholarly practices which expand the horizon of our students, equipping them with the knowledge integral to becoming Global citizens and values enabling them to follow the humanistic path.

Affiliated to CBSE, DPS follows the framework of NCERT in letter and spirit. With technology walking into the classrooms, learning has become a joyous experience for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Our pedagogy is an amalgamation of teachers’ mentoring, e-lectures, videos, projects, laboratory activities and modules which cater to every student’s learning style. The selection of books till class VIII and other resource material is carried out with a view of keeping alive the creative urge of a young child.

Our emphasis is on providing a healthy teaching-learning atmosphere to teachers and students, to ascertain maximum learning. Specialized teaching techniques at DPS motivate the students for self learning and enable the teachers to work towards continuous improvement. The curriculum has been evolved to achieve a balance between the academics and the development of the body and the mind.

Apart from offering core subjects at all levels, the school offers a range of languages like Urdu, French, Sanskrit to chose from as III language other than English and Hindi from classes IV to VIII, the same gets converted to II language from class XI. In Senior Secondary segment, the students can pursue Medicine, Science, Commerce or Humanities Stream, with a variety of Optional Subjects to choose from- Physical Education, Hindi, Informatics Practices, Psychology, Economics, Painting, Geography/Political Science and Mathematics. The provision of Additional Subject as the 6th subject (Physical Education, Painting, Vocal Music and Dance) gives the students edge over others.

This all encompassing education is systematized and planned, triggering in a student, an insatiable thirst for knowledge.