Teaching is conceptual and intellectual, abstract and concrete, creative and sequential. It’s about people but framed through ideas. It’s about content, hearts, minds, the past, the future–whatever we can imagine, teaching and learning are both causes and effects. The teaching methodology at DPS Kolar is learner centred, nurturing academic excellence and Multi – Intelligence.

Nursery to Class II

"If I cannot learn the way you teach me, Can you not teach me the way I can learn?"

Our focus at the Pre-Primary and Primary level is to make the transition between the secure home environment and formal schooling, interesting and as smooth as possible for the child. Emphasis is on nurturing the child's imagination, creativity and providing him opportunities to express himself freely. At DPS Kolar Road Bhopal the concept of Mother Teacher is implemented up to Class II. It will help in the following ways:-

  • Understanding the child and developing a support between the learner and the teacher.
  • Helps in better understanding of various development stages of the child especially cognitive and emotional
  • An insight into child's behavioural problems observed by the teacher. This growth is assessed every quarter of the year
  • Both the learner and the teacher spend more time with each other and the teacher personally knows the weak areas of the students and so at times gives special time to complete work of previous class. Very strong bond is formed.
  • A sense of satisfaction will be achieved, to the teacher, at the end of session on maintaining the growth graph and accomplishing the set target as per the child's potential.

Classes III to V

The role of primary education is to ensure the broad-based development of our students. This means ensuring that all students are able to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities, preparing them for their further school career. The important aim at this level is the learning of basics and forming a sound foundation which will enable the child to study more complex topics and problems at the succeeding levels. The emphasis is on usage and application, the focus is on developing scientific aptitude and creativity. The co-curricular activities allow them not only to gain confidence but also help them realize their potential in various fields.

Classes VI to VIII

Middle school is a time of transition for students where an activity based learning environment in the primary section is transformed into a stage where teaching methodology is completely focussed on the pursuit of knowledge and development of understanding and skills necessary to interpret experience. Students prepare themselves for junior college and beyond. Our middle school curriculum provides and promotes a learning environment based upon developmental readiness, needs and interests. Speaking and learning skills, presentation skills, practical skills, all the co-scholastic areas are assessed as per the CBSE guidelines.

Classes IX to X

Secondary and Senior Secondary school is important because these are the years before entering the bigger and serious part of education that is CAREER. It is extremely important to focus during these years. It gives student a wider scope and perspective about the education and what career choice to make in the future. Our learning methodology extends beyond prescribed text books where students are encouraged to study complex topics based on experiential learning.

The course of studies are based on CBSE guidelines, at the +2 level, students have the option of three streams viz. Science (both PCM & PCB), Commerce and Humanities. Various combination of subjects are offered so that students can pursue their desired course of study Equal importance and assistance is given to prepare students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus as well as preparing students for various competitive exams.