Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

Greetings to all!

As we get into a new session, we look forward to a deeper engagement with the evolution and the academic growth of our students.

Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said “It is impossible for the same man to step into the same river twice. No matter how short be the interval between the first and the second stepping, both the man and the river have changed.” Change, then, is the essence of life. It is immanent and a universally occurring phenomenon.

So it is with the behavioral patterns exhibited by the students nowadays. It is now and here that education paves the path to sensitive, courteous and morally upright students.

A school is the larger family; in turn, the family is the school of society and life. Our children’s education is holistic only when it flows seamlessly between the school, its curriculum-based learning and the home and family. If teachers equip the young ones with skills for progress, the family gives them the belief in themselves – thus is born the adult of the future.

The previous session is now an event in the past, and it is time to fix our eyes on future goals. We look forward to your cooperation, your continued support in setting up our children for success in life, and a positive winning attitude in general.

We are proud of our values and systems, our teachers’ unflagging resolve, and we seek your engagement with your wards.

We have but a short time on this earth,

So value your life for what it’s really worth.

Your life has a purpose,
God sent you on a mission.
To live, to love, to learn –
Is His commission.
The world needs you,
Believe me, it’s true
Some things need doing,
That only you can do!

Welcome once again to the new session.

With best wishes

Vandana Dhupar
Delhi Public School Kolar Road , Bhopal