School Campus

Delhi Public School Kolar Road,  Bhopal boast of some of the best academic facilities to give our students the utmost support to learn in the best way possible. We have taken every care that the latest technology is being used to provide student with real life experience. Hence Educomp has been made an integral part of teaching right from Nursery to XII grade here at the school. Some of the facilities, which the school has to make the learning an interesting experience, are mentioned below:

  • ICT Based Classrooms : Delhi Public School Kolar Road,  Bhopal focuses on learning outcomes driven by understanding and application of fundamental concepts, and the development of initial skills like, critical thinking, communication and creativity. Learning is more effective when there are multi-sensory experiences.

DPS believes that teachers are central to the teaching-learning experiences in a classroom and that the role of technology is to empower both and not to make any of them passive or redundant. Success, therefore, lies in thoughtful pedagogical design and meticulous implementation of technology.  With this belief, Delhi Public School, Bhopal partnered with Tata ClassEdge in the journey of learning and apply technology in a way that addresses specific needs. Each Classroom is equipped with Tata ClassEdge interactive boards, projector, scanner, one-touch switch and remote control.    

 The Salient Features of Smart Classes

  • Lesson plans that include ‘‘Multiple Learning Experiences’ framework such as worksheets, multimedia, games, and simulations/
  •  Animations are designed to promote critical and creative thinking
  • Content mapped according to the Board and textbooks prescribed by the school Apps, which are contextual subject-specific tools, to support teachers, such as Diagram Maker, Timeline, Mind Maps, Practicals, LabEdge and GameEdge
  • Reports that record usage on a continual basis to determine asset utilisation
  • Hardware, teacher training, implementation, and service support
  • ClassEdge Connect – Connecting teachers across various campuses