Special Workshops

POCSO Act Workshop

Delhi Public School Kolar Road  conducted workshops to create awareness about crimes against children and cyber security awareness on 10th of October 2022.

Traffic, child and women crime awareness workshop was conducted by Inspector. Akanksha Sharma , and Sub Inspector Yati Singh Parihar for Class 4 employees drivers, conductors and other staffs. In this session they were briefed about all types of offences ,acts and rules of punishment . They were told about traffic rules rash driving, drink and drive offences, eve teasing, etc and how help , and assistance can be seeked by police.

The second Session was conducted for the teachers and students of Classes VII and VIII. Additional DCP Richa Choubey and  DSP Cyber  Cell  Richa Jain were the resource person for the day. The focus of the discussion was on awareness and understanding of child rights and child assault. The resource persons spoke about the POCSO Act 2012, JJ Act, to name a few. How Indian law is effectively working for the rights of children, the ways crimes committed by children are dealt with and methods used for reform and rehabilitation of children was also spoken about. Students were  made aware of Constitutional provisions relating to Protection and Welfare of Children.

DSP cyber cell Richa Jain  created awareness of Cyber security. She highlighted that Cyber grooming is a threat and exposes the kids to hackers.She told students about the safety measures to be taken to stay safe from Cyber Crimes.

The workshop concluded with Madam Headmistress. Sargam Bahal proposed the vote of thanks to the Resource persons,  students and staff who had been  part of the Workshop. She advised students to safeguard themselves and raise their voices against crime.

 It was well conducted and students learnt a lot from the workshop.

CIALFO Career Guidance Workshop

Career guidance workshops are designed to orientate students towards the world of work and help them move to specification and implementation. With an objective to provide proper guidance to the students of 9th to 12th a career counselling session was being organized at Delhi Public School Kolar Road by CIALFO on July 21, 2022.

The session was conducted by Mr.Viren Razdan, Client Experience Manager and Ms Parul Srivastava Student Education Advisor.

The aim of the workshop was not only to guide students to provide suitable career choices but it also helped students become self-aware about the their strengths and weaknesses.

The programme helped the children in choosing better career of a lifetime specially abroad.

Experts emphasized the importance of exploration of careers and different emerging career streams were introduced to the students. 

Workshop on Cinematography in DPS Kolar

“A cinematographer is a visual psychiatrist, moving an audience…making them think the way you want them to think, painting pictures in the dark”.

A two days’ workshop conducted in Delhi Public School Kolar Road Bhopal on the topic CINEMA from 12 July to 13 July 22. The workshop was for the students of classes VII to XII. The resource persons for the workshop were Mr. Gaurav Asri and Mr. Vishal Solanki the eminent personalities in the field of cinema. Madam Principal Ms Vandana Dhupar gave the guests a warm welcome and a sapling as a token of respect and gratitude.

Mr. Gaurav Asri, an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune is an independent filmmaker who recently served as the Additional Dialogue Writer for the film “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui”. Mr. Vishal Solanki, is a Mumbai base screenwriter of the currently ON-AIR TV show Mr aur Mrs. LLB.

The resource speaker Mr Gaurav Asri told the basics of cinematography and its key elements. Short videos based on techniques of cinematography were shown to the students. With the help of short stories, he clarified the meaning of experiencing the films rather than just watching them for the purpose of entertainment, as films are the strongest medium of communication. He also discussed and explained the theoretical as well as the technical aspects of filmmaking. Students were encouraged to ask questions that ensured a deeper understanding of the concepts and provide an indulgent experience. Students dramatized the given situation in an effective manner. It helped them to comprehend with a range of acting approaches, voice modulations, and ways of using the multiple possibilities of the body and its flexibilities.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and the students enjoyed the workshop. They acquired brief ideas about cinema and film making along with the basics of acting, camera, editing, art direction, film production exercises. Students’ council member Sarthak Jain presented vote of thanks. Students were thankful for providing an opportunity, which will help them outshine in cinematography in future.

Dramatics Workshop by DPS Society

“The mediocre teacher tells ,

The good teacher explains ,

The superior and great teacher demonstrates and inspires.”


DPSS-HRDC organized a “Training in Drama” on 24th and 25th June 2022 at Human Resource Development Centre, The DPSS, Greater Noida to provide valuable skills to motivate the educators and make the teaching-learning process more interesting and creative. The training was headed by Ms. Vanita Sehgal (Executive Directo, DPSS-HRDC), Ms. Nita Kumar, Deputy Director DPSS-HRDC, Ms. Sudeshna, Deputy Director DPSS-HRDC and Ms. Jyoti, Deputy Director DPSS-HRDC. 

Ms. Urvashi Wadhwa, the Class Coordinator of class 6, was part of the training along with 40 teachers from PAN India. The two days training was full of power pack activities. The training enabled the teachers to understand the importance of drama in education.

The two-day session ended with the Valedictory Programme in the presence of Shri. V. K. Shunglu, Chairman, DPS Society. Every participant was given a participation certificate. Chairman sir conveyed a message, ‘As a teacher, one must bring out the best in students and inspire them to strive for greatness. A teacher’s presence in a student’s life can boost their morale and guide them to be more valuable in life.’

NEP Workshop
“Education is Liberation, knowledge is Power “
NEP is a comprehensive framework to guide the development of education in the country. In school education, the policy focuses on overhauling the curriculum, “easier” board exams, a reduction in the syllabus to retain “core essentials” and thrust on “experiential a workshop was conducted learning and critical thinking”.
Delhi Public School Kolar Road conducted a workshop for its teachers to mentor them about the working model of NEP 20220 and strengthen the existing practices at the middle school level. School Headmistress Madam Anuradha Telang, Mrs. Anuragini Sadangule, Mrs. Pushpmala Tripathi, Mrs. Shivani Avdhani, Mrs. Surbhi Sharma, Mrs. Eti Shrivastava, Mrs. Jaya Chauhan, and Mrs. Nidhi Mowar Singh explained the working principles of NEP at the school level in depth.
The main objective of this workshop was to create awareness about the newly launched National Education Policy amongst teachers and to familiarize them with the skills to help them understand its nuances, curriculum changes, shift in the pedagogical skills, and its implementation for the 360-degree holistic development of its stakeholders, the students.
The Workshop emphasized adapting different teaching styles along with the need to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach in the classroom to provide children with experiential learning and critical thinking skills.
The teachers also shared that pedagogical structures will be designed anew to be more appropriate and effective, based on children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development. The curriculum will be integrated and flexible with equal emphasis on all subjects and fields. There will be no separation of curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular areas—with all in a single category of equal importance. Vocational and academic streams will be integrated and offered to all students. Examination systems will be radically changed to assess real learning, make them stress-free, and aim for improvement instead of passing judgments.
Headmistress Madam Anuradha Telang explained in detail about Quality universities and colleges-a new and forward-looking vision for India.
All the participant teachers were filled with new zeal to start working on its implementation in their classrooms.
Workshop on Adolescence

‘Adolescence is about digging out the iron inside the irony ‘
Delhi Public School Kolar  Road organized two sessions on “Menstrual Health and Hygiene” for the girls and “ Puberty , Journey Towards Being a Gentleman ” for the boys of Classes VI  & VII on 29th of April 2022.
Adolescence can be a time of both disorientation and discovery. The transitional period can raise questions of independence and identity; as adolescence  cultivate their sense of self, they may face difficult choices about academics, friendship, sexuality, gender identity etc. Keeping this in mind these two workshops were organized.

Puberty , the transition period in the life of boys, and the subsequent impact on them was explained by the School Doctor Ms. Pragya Dubey, and the School counselor Ms.Shivali Tiwari. Boys were explained in detail about Puberty and issues related to it.

In the session with girls the resource person for the day,  Ms Mehek Kaushik: CSR executive of Unicharm of India virtually( through Zoomapp)depicted how various changes occur during this significant phase of life. She also threw some light on the tips to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in a girls life.

Both the sessions were interactive sessions . Girls and  boys discussed their personal problems related to
adolescence. All their doubts were discussed in detail.

Madam Principal Mrs.Vandana Dhupar addressed the girls and boys and asked them to take care of themselves and their diet during this phase of their life. Madam  Headmistress  Mrs.Anuradha Telang appreciated the resource persons  for conducting these important workshops and stressed the role of parents in the life of adolescent children. It was a learning experience for boys and girls.

“Be a Marshal of Change”

Bhopal Sahodaya Complex has organized workshop on” Implementation of NEP 2020 and recommendation in CBSE schools “ in association with orient Blackswan  Pvt.Ltd. on Thursday 28 April 2022at St.Xavier’s  Senior Sec  Co-ed school Barkheda BHEL Bhopal . Ms Smitha Matai a certified trainer  NEP Ambassador from Mumbai was the resource person for the session. More than 600 teachers attended the workshop. Eight teachers from Delhi public school kolar road attended the workshop.

Ms. Smitha emphasized on why and How of  NEP implementation in the CBSE School ?

Following key features were  explained in deatil:

  1. Currircular and pedagogical reforms
  2. Capacity Building of teachers
  3. Assesement Reforms
  4. Systemic Reforms

The teachers were informed about the new dimensions of education  which included Competancy based Education, Artintegration, Subject Enrichment Activity, CBSE Sports, Introduction of new subjects, Removing barriers between academic and vocational subjects..

Ms. Smitha informed that NEP would be helpful in making future creator and Innovator.  She also briefed about SAFAL , SQAA and Holisitic report cards.

Ms. Smitha Matai  concluded  with these lines that teachers should change  the traditional  Pedagogical methods of  Content Delivery to  new method of concept building in students .

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

Delhi Public School Kolar Road organized a storytelling session as a part of the World Book Reading Day celebration on 11th April 2022 for the students of classes IV to VI under the guidance of Madam Headmistress Mrs. Anuradha Telang. The resource person was Ms. Amita Sarkari, from Stories and Beyond, a certified storyteller with 6 years of experience.

She narrated the “Water Stories” to the students by creating the scenery, making students imagine how the characters look, and adding her own inflections to the stories. Water Stories offers a community-centered approach to solving our most pressing environmental crises. 

The session was enjoyed and appreciated by the audience present.

A room without books is like a body without a soul. Every page of a book is interesting and brings something exciting.

Delhi Public School, Kolar Road celebrated the ‘ World Book Day ‘ by organizing a workshop for the students of classes VI  to VIII on 8th April 2022 on  ‘Building Vocabulary’ and developing the love for books. The Librarians of Junior and Senior Library at Delhi Public School Kolar Road took the initiative to invite the resource person, Ms. Nidhi Agrawal to conduct the workshop.

Words fall short when one asks a bookworm to describe the importance of books in her/his life. They are a world in itself, capable of nourishing, replenishing, and overwhelming. One could get lost in a world of books to never ever return as the same person. Reading is one of the major skills that help learners communicate better. Therefore, at the school level, it is high time to emphasize reading and reading skills development.

The workshop commenced with  Madam Headmistress, Anuradha Telang introducing the resource person  Nidhi Agrawal,  A famous storyteller and founder of ‘Stories and Beyond’. She addressed the students and inspired them to become readers and creative thinkers.

She told students about various vocabulary-building games. She introduced a vocabulary game called ‘Doublet’. Students enjoyed playing the word game and loved the way the resource person told them the stories behind many words. Students shared their views about the workshop and thanked Nidhi Agrawal madam for such a fun-filled and enriching workshop.

The event concluded with the principal, Ms. Vandana Dhupar encouraging students to become avid readers and to constantly endeavor to enhance their vocabulary. It was an enriching and interactive workshop. Students enjoyed the workshop.


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

With mindfulness, you can establish yourself in the present in order to touch the wonders of life that are available in that moment. A workshop on mindfulness, for the parents, teachers, and students was organised.

The Resource Person for the day, Dr. Dalima Parwani, Principal Sant Hirdadas Girls College, discussed various tools of mindfulness and applied ethics to cultivate their ability to be calm, handle strong emotions such as anxiety and stress.

Tinch of Adolescence

A workshop ‘Tinch of Adolescence’ for the girls of classes V to VIII was organized.  The process of growing up brings with it many challenges for adolescents and children. This session addressed the physical, emotional and social changes in adolescent girls.   The resource Persons Dr Deepti Singh (MD Paediatric) and Ms. Smita Rathore (School counsellor) conducted the session.

Tété-A-Tété with Parents

An interactive session ‘Tété-A-Tété with Parents’ was organized.  This occasion was graced by Dr. Dharam Verma, Director School Academics.  Madam Principal and Madam Headmistress addressed the parents. It was an interactive session between the parents and the school authorities to clear doubts and answer frequently asked questions about the reopening of the school.

Webinar on ‘How to save yourself from Cyber Crime’

Delhi Public School, Kolar Road, Bhopal in Collaboration with VIGYANTRAM TECHNOLOGY and Enactus IIT Delhi organized a webinar on the topic “How to save yourself from Cyber Crime” for the students of classes VI to VIII.  Mr. Shubham Gupta Technical Head VIGYANTRAM conducted the webinar.

International Tiger Day

It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal

 Tiger is a symbol of beauty, bravery, strength, and nationality. Hence to raise the awareness for saving the endangered tigers and their habitat, a workshop on virtual platform was conducted for Class IV students, the Resource Person- Mr. Sanjay Payasi (Consultant Biodiversity, Nature, Environment, Ecology) briefed the students.

Know your Books & Curriculum

KBC-Class XI was conducted to give students a chance to interact with subject experts and clarify all doubts.

Magic of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Delhi Public School, Kolar organized a workshop on “Experience the magic of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) “ on 9th Dec,21 for the offline students. The resource person was- Udit Kulmi.  He explained and guided the children with the importance of Virtual reality in today’s life.  The real purpose of AR/VR in higher education is to promote student engagement and nurture better understanding.

Stream Orientation and Career Talk

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you’ve to start to be great”, keeping these eloquent words in mind, Delhi Public School. Kolar Road, Bhopal, organised an online Stream Orientation Program and Career talk show over Zoom for the upcoming XI class students.


Delhi Public School, Kolar organized a workshop on “Experience the magic of AR and VR” on 9th Dec,21 for the offline students of classes IV to VIII. The resource person was- Udit Kulmi, B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineer) – IIT Kanpur, MBA – IIM Ahemdabad. He has over 15 years of work experience in the Business and Technology development side.

He explained and guided the children with the importance of Virtual reality in today’s life. He, with his team members, also showed different types of Virtual reality effects and their uses in the educational world like how it can be useful in their studies, etc. The real purpose of AR/VR in higher education is to promote student engagement and nurture better understanding. By making learning immersive and experiential through VR headsets, teachers can explain complex concepts to students in a controlled environment. The session was appreciated by the audience present.