Student Clubs

The school has the following clubs for classes 6 to 8 :-

Young Explorers Club (Science)

InteGreat (Maths Club)

S.W.A.P Club (Speaker, writers authors, poets club)

MUN Club

BrainVita (G.K Club )

Tech Wiz Club (Computers)

Community Service Club

Shooting Club (On basis of Selection)

School Band

Fun N’ Art Club

Instrumental Club

Martial Art Club

Dramatics Club

Fitness Club

ATL Club (On basis of Selection)

The school has the following clubs for classes 9 to 12 :-

MUN Club

Community Service Club

Techno Club

Eco Club

Public Speaking Club

Tourism Club

Entrepreneur Club

Robotics (ATL) Club

School Band

Orchestra Club

Mathematics Club

General Knowledge Club

Dramatics Club

Besides the above clubs there are other activities which are conducted on rotational basis for classes III to V once a week

Fireless cooking

Life Skills


G.K club

The Explorers

Math Club