Student Council

Investiture Ceremony 2022
The corridors of Delhi Public School Kolar sparkled with pride and honour on 23rd July 2022, as the bugle call marked the inception of the swearing-in ceremony of members of the newly appointed students council. The Chief Guest for this exquisite ceremony Commander Rajeev Sharma Interviewing Officer 33 Services Selection Board Bhopal and the other esteemed dignitaries were accorded a warm welcome by Principal Mrs. Vandana Dhupar.
The ceremony which began with the guard of honour was followed by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, a special prayer by Madam Principal, scriptures, thought for the day, and a spectacular prayer dance performance. The Principal in her address congratulated the newly appointed Council members and supplicated the students to set an example for their fellow students. This was followed by the felicitation of 78 proud council members with sashes, badges and certificates. The melodious and soul-soothing rendition of the motivational song by the school choir mesmerized the gathering.
Pro Vice Chairman Shri Hari Mohan Gupta Sir also congratulated the council and motivated them with his stimulating speech. The speech by the Chief guest added zest and vigour to the aspirations of the council. The exhilarating rendition of the school anthem infused hope and pride that kept it ringing in the hearts of every student.
The ceremony concluded with the acceptance speech by the President, a speech of gratitude by the Secretary and a vote of thanks by the Head girl.
Name Scholar No House Class / Sec  Boys/Girl Post
Vedant  Singh  1581 Palash X E Boy Art Director
Aditi  Sharma  155 Amaltas VIII C Girl Community Service Prefect
Aastik  Chaturvedi  2236 Kachnar VIII A Boy Community Service Prefect
Praneet  Shukla  1087 Palash X E Boy Community Service Prefect
Shaurya Pandey  2016 Kachnar X C Girl Community Service Prefect
Varad  Sharma  424 Kachnar VIII A Boy Cyber Director
Shreshth  Verma  2078 Palash XII A Boy Cyber Director
Ananya  Bhugra  2345 Kachnar X C Girl Dance Director
Nakul  Sharma  2397 Gulmohar V F Boy Discipline Prefect
Amrita Ochani  2872 Gulmohar V A Girl Discipline Prefect
Harshit  Pandey  2501 Kachnar VIII C Boy Discipline Prefect
Ambararaje  Sharma  611 Gulmohar VIII B Girl Discipline Prefect
Srishti  Negi  545 Amaltas IX A Girl Discipline Prefect
Archit  Pande  2267 Palash X E Boy Discipline Prefect
Misha  Baniya  1238 Amaltas XI C Girl Discipline Prefect
Meet  Moolchandani  628 Palash XII D Boy Discipline Prefect
Ayan Biswas 10278 NA Prep B Boy Head Boy
Shlok Rajesh Gehani  3106 Palash II C Boy Head Boy
Tegbir Singh Alagh  1960 Palash V C Boy Head Boy
Aaryan  Nema  3 Amaltas VIII B Boy Head Boy
Angad Singh  Bains  1406 Amaltas XII B Boy Head Boy
Abhivyakti Mishra 10227 NA Prep B Girl Head Girl 
Miraya  Krishak  3092 Palash II B Girl Head Girl 
Kanishka  Sharma  1358 Amaltas V C Girl Head Girl 
Anvi  Shrivastava  428 Kachnar VIII B Girl Head Girl 
Garima  Methwani  2672 Kachnar XII D Girl Head Girl 
Divyansh  Bahal  1083 Amaltas VIII A Boy House Captain
Anushka  Kanotra  439 Amaltas VIII D Girl House Captain
Aarush Shrivastava 683 Gulmohar VIII A Boy House Captain
Alohi  Khullar  755 Gulmohar VIII A Girl House Captain
Devjeet Singh  Dogra  1252 Kachnar VII C Boy House Captain
Mahika  Shrivastava  821 Kachnar VIII A Girl House Captain
Jatin  Poonia  2150 Palash VII F Boy House Captain
Vivika  Sharma  1392 Palash VI A Girl House Captain
Devansh  Panthi  1463 Amaltas X C Boy House Captain
Smruti R. Parihar  140 Amaltas XII D Girl House Captain
Aryan  Tripathi  1613 Gulmohar XII D Boy House Captain
Tanushree  Vijayvargiya  1036 Gulmohar XI A Girl House Captain
Divyansh  Jain  1476 Kachnar XII C Boy House Captain
Pari Singh Parihar  1981 Kachnar XI B Girl House Captain
Rishabh Kothari  109 Palash XII A Boy House Captain
Garvita  Shrivastava  1096 Palash XII D Girl House Captain
Vishesh  Jain  2734 Palash X D Boy Instrumental Music Director
Tanush  Chakravarty  2925 Amaltas III E Boy Language Marshall
Arnav Singh Baghel  2884 Palash IV A Boy Language Marshall
Ayazullah  Waquar  2451 Kachnar V E Boy Language Marshall
Sehej  Gulati  1639 Amaltas VI F Girl Language Marshall
Aalia Saharwan  Shabir  858 Palash VII A Girl Language Marshall
Anuvya Maheshwari 1273 Amaltas VIII C Girl Language Marshall
Soham  Jain  1104 Kachnar IX F Boy Language Marshall
Aadya Singh  2052 Kachnar X E Girl Language Marshall
Aarya  Sharma  479 Kachnar XI D Girl Language Marshall
Malvika  Dubey  610 Kachnar XII A   Language Marshall
Anirudh  Nagarajan  2733 Gulmohar XII A Boy President
Archie  Saluja  2323 Palash XII D Girl Secretary
Vibhansh  Jain  319 Kachnar XII D Boy Sports Captain
Radhika  Sharma  458 Palash XII C Girl Sports Captain
Nysa  Negi  241 Gulmohar XI C Girl Student Editor-English
Kulsum Fatima Khan  222 Kachnar X E Girl Student Editor-Hindi
Vihan  Khare  1815 Gulmohar XI C Boy Vice Head Boy
Sanvi  Rai  18 Palash XI A Girl Vice Head Girl
Anvit  Khare  1894 Amaltas V A Boy Vice House Captain
Advika  Khare  2446 Amaltas V D Girl Vice House Captain
Janmejay Saxena  1943 Gulmohar V C Boy Vice House Captain
Anvi Kandpal  1873 Gulmohar V A Girl Vice House Captain
Jayden Varghese  Mathew  1371 Kachnar V F Boy Vice House Captain
Anwita  Sharma  1374 Kachnar V B Girl Vice House Captain
Aarav Rai  1899 Palash V C Boy Vice House Captain
Miraya Gupta  1892 Palash V E Girl Vice House Captain
Avinendra  Singh  1255 Amaltas IX F Boy Vice House Captain
Nandika  Yadav  1599 Amaltas IX D Girl Vice House Captain
Hritom  Ray  739 Gulmohar IX D Boy Vice House Captain
Aditi  Avdhani  2691 Gulmohar X A Girl Vice House Captain
Sarthak  Jain  1603 Kachnar IX A Boy Vice House Captain
Inshaa  Nair  658 Kachnar IX D Girl Vice House Captain
Vinay R.  Khemchandani  1651 Palash XI C Boy Vice House Captain
Khushi  Pachauri  2510 Palash IX A Girl Vice House Captain
Snigdha  Dwivedi  653 Kachnar XII A Girl Vocal Music Director