Student Council

Investiture Ceremony 2023
Delhi Public School Kolar Road organised the Investiture Ceremony on 22nd July 2023 on the theme. Embracing Excellence: Milestones and Merits. The event marked the induction of the new student council members for the academic session 2023-24 and also commemorated the school's remarkable journey of ten years of shaping young minds and fostering excellence.
The Investiture Ceremony commenced with a Guard of Honour by the esteemed Chief Guest, Major General Tejpal Singh Rawat, AVSM, VSM and bar, who graced the occasion with his presence.
Students showcased their talents through a soulful prayer dance, spreading an aura of serenity and devotion. The Investiture Ceremony recognized and felicitated the members of the student council from classes Prep to class XII. The newly decorated student leaders received sashes and badges, symbolizing their roles and responsibilities in guiding the school to greater heights.
It was a proud moment for all the parents of newly elected cabinet members to witness their children being invested with great responsibilities while embarking on a new journey as leaders. Major General Tejpal Singh Rawat congratulated them and advised them to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties. He also exhorted them to uphold the values. Addressing the gathering, the school’s Principal, Mrs. Vandana Dhupar praised the student leaders for their dedication and emphasized the importance of leadership in shaping the future. The first ten students who were admitted to the school in 2013 were also present at the
ceremony to share their experiences and memories.
Expressing her gratitude, the newly appointed President of the Student Council, Pakhi Gupta, said in her acceptance speech, "A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, but a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves." Students took oath to fulfill their responsibilities as leaders and uphold the values of integrity and perseverance.
The ceremony concluded with the resonating echoes of the school anthem, symbolizing unity, pride, and shared values. The Head Boy, Pranav Bharil delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all those who made the event possible. The other leading members of the council are Vihan Khare, Secretary, Tanushree Vijayvargiya, Head Girl. This year 2 NCC sergeants were also decorated. They are Krishna
Panjrekar, Prisha Deepankar Parmar.

The Investiture Ceremony was a resounding success, reflecting the commitment of DPS Kolar Road to nurturing and empowering young leaders who will make a positive impact on society.

Scholar No Class / Sec Name House Post
3216 XII-B Pakhi Gupta Kachnar President
1815 XII-C Vihan Khare Kachnar Secretary
210 XII D Pranam Bharill Gulmohar Head Boy
1036 XII C Tanushree Vijayvargiya Kachnar Head Girl
246 XI-D Navya Parwani Gulmohar Vice Head Boy
2691 XI-B Aditi Avdhani Kachnar Vice Head Girl
1252 VIII-C Devjeet Singh Dogra Amaltas Head Boy
1884 VIII-C Lavanya Hedau Palash Head Girl
2884 V-A Arnav Singh Baghel Amaltas Head Boy
3323 V-B Shreya Biswal Kachnar Head Girl
3281 II-D Raghav Shukla Palash Head Boy
3234 II-C Anantya Jha   Head Girl
10325 Prep-B Aryaveer Bhalla   Head Boy
10383 PREP-A Arya Bhargava Kachnar Head Girl
627 XII D Harsh Punjabi Amaltas Sports Captain (Boy)
1238 XII D Misha Baniya Amaltas Sports Captain (Girl)
1001 XI- A Harshi Thakur Kachnar Art Director
1683 XI-C Harshita Pathariya Gulmohar Dance Director
3149 XI- C Tanishq Aneja Palash Instrumental Music Director
614 XII- C Vartika Sharma Palash Vocal Music Director
2781 XII-D Kritika Dhoot Amaltas Student Editor- English
3189 XI-B Prashant Niranjan Kachnar Student Editor-Hindi
854 XI-B Dhairya Garg Amaltas Cyber Director
2441 VIII-D Shounak Verma Kachnar Cyber Director
2509 VI-E Dhruv Pachauri Palash Community Service Prefect (Boy)
1538 VIII-F Siddhi Singh Kachnar Community Service Prefect (Girl)
2282 XII-B Aditya Pandey Palash Discipline Prefect
1787 XII-D Anushka Sahani Kachnar Discipline Prefect
289 X-F Brahmjyot Singh Reehal Gulmohar Discipline Prefect
1956 X-F Vanshika Rajput Amaltas Discipline Prefect
686 VIII-B Parth Agarwal Amaltas Discipline Prefect
1928 VIII-E Aaradhya Yadav Amaltas Discipline Prefect
2652 V-E Naitik Sharma Amaltas Discipline Prefect
2711 V-B Aradhya Maheshwari Palash Discipline Prefect
2263 X-E Shubhankar Bhowmick Gulmohar Language Marshall
683 IX-F Aarush Shrivastava Amaltas Language Marshall
721 VIII-C Saanvi Mishra Gulmohar Language Marshall
2812 VII – F Veer Singh Yaduvanshi Palash Language Marshall
2445 VI – E Riddhima Patel Palash Language Marshall
2995 V-E Anvi Bhargava Amaltas Language Marshall
2926 IV – C Aarohi Mishra Palash Language Marshall
3106 III – A Shlok Rajesh Gehani Amaltas Language Marshall
3341 XI-D Advay Singh Yadav Gulmohar House Captain
2690 XII-D Shashwat Pathak Kachnar House Captain
1104 X-F Soham Jain Palash House Captain
324 XII-D Parth Singh Rajawat Amaltas House Captain
2965 X-C Harshika Saxena Gulmohar House Captain
1811 XI-A Sulakshana Guha Kachnar House Captain
2383 X- A Sanskriti Chauhan Palash House Captain
3304 XII – Gehana Vashisht Amaltas House Captain
711 VIII-E Aditya Ghosh Gulmohar House Captain
1658 VIII-C Raghav Mishra Kachnar House Captain
991 VIII-F Divyansh Raj Palash House Captain
3021 VIII-B Samyak Bondade Amaltas House Captain
962 VIII-B Ananya Kulhade Gulmohar House Captain
1311 VIII-C Hansika Khatri Kachnar House Captain
3044 VIII-E Arna Vyas Palash House Captain
1292 VII-E Vivika Sharma Amaltas House Captain
1083 IX-A Divyansh Bahal Gulmohar Vice House Captain
338 IX-D Aarya Sharma Kachnar Vice House Captain
1603 X-A Sarthak Jain Palash Vice House Captain
258 XI-C Chitransh Agrawal Amaltas Vice House Captain
693 IX-D Adwita Muchrikar Gulmohar Vice House Captain
1869 IX-E Dhairya Adlakha Kachnar Vice House Captain
1 X-A Vaishnavi Santosham Palash Vice House Captain
1248 XI-D Vartika Seetha Amaltas Vice House Captain
2589 V-E Saksham Arora Gulmohar Vice House Captain
2698 V-C Vihaan Mishra Kachnar Vice House Captain
1891 V- D Rishaan Jain Palash Vice House Captain
2663 V-A Rohan Golhani Amaltas Vice House Captain
2816 V-E Hetal Khare Gulmohar Vice House Captain
1890 V-B Vidushree Salvi Kachnar Vice House Captain
2058 V-E Dhani Tiwari Palash Vice House Captain
2664 V-E Anishka Agarwal Kachnar Vice House Captain
2967 X-B Krishna Panjrekar Amaltas NCC Sergeant (Boy)
2268 X-F Prisha Deepankar Parmar Amaltas NCC Sergeant (Girl)